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Shashi Public School is enriched with an interesting interview with our respected chairman Dr. Surender Verma,the person behind this institution. Born on April 4th 1950 at Biral (Bagpat), Dr. Verma has experienced many ups and downs of life so far and his life is like a ballad which bear its fruits. His Indomaitable spirit turned this institution into glory of this region-Shashi Public Secondary School-a School with a difference Mr. S.C.Mishra. had an interesting talk with him.
Q-1.: What inspired you to involve yourself with an educational institution?
Ans.: Each one of us owes it to the society to give back in return for all that we have received from it. I fondly remember the school, which gave me the foundation to build my life on. As such, when the opportunity came to me. I opted to work for the school. Contributing to the cause of education and inspiring the young minds,is indeed very satisfying.Moreover,a professional touch in a creative manner is needed everywhere.
Q.2.: How would you defie success ?
Ans.: Success means different things to different people.For me,it is a happy culmination of sustained efforts.

Dr. Surender Verma
- Manager