About Us

Our Vision:

Shashi Public Senior Secondary School (SPSS) shall remain an Educational Centre, unique and irreplaceable, defined by its core values, the excellence of all its activities in instructing and by its enduring commitment to educate the young minds. Our vision is to prepare confident, determined and disciplined leaders for tomorrow’s challenging World.

Our Mission :

Shashi Public Senior Secondary School (SPSS) has developed a sustainable, innovative learning environment which focuses on the three main fundamentals of life – Physical, Mental and Spiritual fitness of all. We provide leadership for the young to live enlightened and productive lives as responsible citizens of tomorrow. We at SPSS value education as the vehicle to inspire intellectual depth and breadth of our students.

Our Philosophy :

Shashi Public Senior Secondary School (SPSS) is dedicated to preparing conscientious and responsible citizens with an aim to develop character & individuality to foster them intellectually, physically, emotionally & spiritually. Our students are trained for life to be high achievers & good human beings.
Thus, we have simple philosophy:

  • —» To shape a child s future by working on his mind, body & soul creating the best environment around him.
  • —» To impart core values of life, the essence of cultural traditions, science & art of studies at raising a child from infancy to adulthood with an aura of independence & self-respect.
  • —» To develop a clear vision, resourcefulness & flexibility through which he can master, use new & rapidly changing fields of knowledge & technology.
  • —» To emphasize all round development & growth in the light of perspective competitions & challenges.
  • —» To groom responsible global citizens with a sense of integrity, honesty, elegance, wisdom & purity.
  • —» To equip with optimism, thirst of knowledge, aesthetic sense, love for humanity & environment.

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