A new approach to holistic learning SPSS’s curriculum aims at evoking the quest in a child to search answers to the unknown and to construct the logical promise for the same. Academic excellence therefore is the means and not the end to effective learning.

Under this system at SPSS curriculum has been designed keeping in mind the latest National and International trends as well as the changing needs of the society. The curriculum isn’t static but ever evolving. It empowers children in every aspect-cognitive, psychological, social and physical thereby, helping students to develop a wholesome personality.

Instructional Programme


The school follows curriculum designed by the Central Board of Secondary Education and books prescribed by NCERT.


  • Holistic All Round Development
  • Acquisition of life skills
  • values and ethics
  • Project based learning
  • Fostering learning through questioning
  • educational trips
  • Celebration of festivals and important events
  • Role play
  • Learning by doing


  • Children are nurtured by both scholastic and co-scholastic activities
  • Learning by exploring activities
  • Traditional and modern methods of teaching
  • Activities like puzzles, storytelling, matching flash cards, creative writing, dramatization, group games etc.
  • Developing individual talent
  • Enhancement of language skills
  • Field trips
  • Integration of technology
  • Laboratory based learning
  • Value education


  • Student-centered learning
  • Nurturing scientific temperament through observation, experimentation and reasoning
  • Collaborative learning and group work
  • Leadership development
  • Heritage and value education
  • Guidance and counselling
  • Learning through co-scholastic activities
  • Learning through doing
  • library based learning
  • Project based learning
  • Audio-visual aid in teaching

Sports and Physical Education

Physical Education and Sports form an integral part of the curriculum. Apart from Yoga, Aerobics, Martial Art, P.T. , Meditation, the school provides training in the following sport disciplines.
Outdoor – Hand Ball, Cricket, Badminton, Kho-Kho, Throw Ball, Volleyball
Indoor – Table Tennis, Yoga, Chess, Carom

Promotion Policy

Pre – School & Pre- Primary, Class I to V

We don’t subscribe the theory of formal examination for the children of these classes.Promotion is granted to the pupil on the basis of his/her overall performance during the academic session. Continuous and comprehensive evaluation is implemented in these classes.

  • 6 Unit Tests are given.
  • Projects / Groups discussion / Activity are conducted
  • Class Assignments /oral tests are given
  • Only grades are reflected in progress Card.

Class VI – VIII

Final Assessment is based on

  • 50% of marks obtained in Annual Exam.
  • 30% of marks obtained in Half Yearly Exam.
  • 20% of marks obtained in 4 unit tests.
  • Internal Assessment grades are reflected in the progress Card.

Senior Classes (IX -X)

  • Entirely based on CBSE’s Continues Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system.
  • Half yearly examination
  • Final examination

Senior Secondary Classes (XI -XII)

  • Entirely based on CBSE’s Continues Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system.
  • Half yearly examination
  • Final examination

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