Library and Labs


The school is maintaining a good but expanding library. Regular periodicals, magazines and daily newspapers are received for the benefit of children as well as the teaching staff.

Computer Lab

The day – to – day use of Computer has become an integral part of our life. Computer is being used nowadays in every walk of life. It has made communication easy through E-mail, Internet etc. The dream of making Computer applications universal, could become a reality if Computer education is included at school level. Keeping in view, the students are given insight into Computers, Internet & Computer related studies. For this, the school has well equipped lab & trained professionals.

Maths Lab

The school has well equipped maths lab, for understanding the concepts of mathematics & to be friendly with the conceptual ideas.

Science Lab

The school has well equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories for performing science practicals for the students, where the students are imparted practical education.

Social Science Lab

The school also impart an interactive geographical/historical/political/economical knowledge in imparted through the A.V. aids available in Social Science Lab.

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